Prolotherapy For Arthritis

Growth Factors Promote Repair

Prolotherapy injections are a mild irritant which initiate the release of a concentrated burst of growth factors. When this rich concentration of growth factors is present within the joint the healing process is initiated.

Preparation And Treatment

Prolotherapy is a simple procedure which involves an injection of a concentrated sugar solution into an osteoarthritic joint space after it is properly cleaned and prepared. A local anesthetic is also used as part of the treatment to limit discomfort to a minimum. A prolotherapy injection is generally much less painful than a cortisone injection.


  • Prolotherapy slows or stops cartilage degeneration.
  • Prolotherapy improves joint pain and mobility over the long term with
    improvement being still evident after 2 years in many cases.
  • Prolotherapy is a well researched treatment with over 10 clinical trials showing that it helps people suffering from osteoarthritis.


Prolotherapy injections are quite safe, having very little in the way of adverse effects. The most common adverse effect of prolotherapy is discomfort at the site of treatment for 1-3 days.
As with any injection there is a small chance of infection. People suffering with bacterial arthritis are not candidates for prolotherapy treatment.

More Information

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